good web design

How does a perfect website look like? What do we compare our website with? First of all, it starts with good content. If someone is too lazy to write, then they can always hire a copywriter. Well, but the writer needs to know the subject. You wont reach your future readers with useless text.

A nice Package
So you now have the most interesting and compelling content we have ever seen. The whole thing needs to be nicely wrapped in several pages. And together those pages will build your website.

The smart use of keywords in your text and HTML code are the main ingredients. Just to stress it one more time: the keywords should also be part of the URL, page title, meta description, meta keywords, headers, links and images.

What’s a good design?
Keep the design as simple as possible. Maybe you run a site about a carnival or a disco. Then it’s OK to be colorful and fancy. When you look at the websites of the big players, you will see that most of them use very moderate and simple designs.

We are ready now and have all the pages with compelling content wrapped in an elegant design and followed the recommendations about placing keywords.

Tell the World
At the begining no one knows about your website. The first thing you are going to do is to inform the search engine spiders or robots. They will index your pages in the search engines database. Let’s make it easy for them by creating a robots.txt and sitemap.xml file. Not all web site programming tools create these files by default, so you may need some technical advice there.

The site is now ready for launch. Oops! I almost forgot one thing. The social media integration. If you want your visitors to like and share your articles then it’s a good idea to add some social share buttons. How many you want to integrate is up to you. I sure don’t want to miss Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Stumbleupon.

How am I doing?
Your website is “almost” perfect. How do you know? Well, you followed my advice, didn’t you? Just to be sure, you can use some of the online grading tools like It gives you a quick overview how your website is doing. I hope you didn’t forget the Facebook Fanpage and the mobile website version. Good luck!


There are thousands of websites that lead a shadowy existence like a wallflower that is not recognised by anbody. You have spent thousands of Francs or Euros for your new website. It all looks great, but basically it’s just cosmetics. Yes, maybe the text and the pictures are great. But where are the small devils hidiung who destroy all the efforts you made?

Speed it up
You wouldn’t believe it, despite of the megabit bandwidths of the internet, the load time of many websites are absolutely slow. That means that you need to keep the images and graphics as small as possible. If an image smaller than 20 kilobytes can not be inserted, then it’s worthwhile to provide a preview.

Also a giant HTML and CSS overhead can spoil the visitors joy of surfing. Slow websites have very little chance in the network.

Name It
For images, graphics and hyperlinks, it is a great help for the search engines and users if you name them. With the ALT and TITLE tag you have the opportunity to do so. You also help  visually impaired people who surf the internet by using a voice generator.

A page title and page description can do miracles for the search engine optimization. The search robots that browse the Internet can recognize and index your pages faster. And do not forget the copytext. Even a great text is nothing without the hot keywords or relevant terms people are using. A bit of trickery is allowed. But do not overdo it. Keyword stuffing was used in the 90s and is nowadays an absolute downgrader in terms of search engine ranking.

And how do I know if my website is clearly visible? Well, there are various online tools, such as Google Analytics, which tell you. You get a detailed analysis, which serves as a base for a website optimization. Even if your site is in the green zone, there’s always room for improvement.