google analytics

It’s not a secret any longer. If you seriously run a website and care about regular updates and text edits, then it’s worth to have a look at the traffic users generate. Google provides a free tool called Google Analytics.

What information does Analytics give you? Actually it can be overwhelming. In this article I will write about 3 features, frankly the ones I use most.

But first of all, you need a Google account and a tracking code installed on your website. As soon as this is done, you can go ahead and analyze your site traffic. Well, it doesn’t make real sense to analyze the first day of traffic recording. It gets more interesting the longer you monitor your website.

Feature 1: Audience – Demographics – Location

I’m always curious about where my visitors come from. It mainly depends on the servers location and the selected language. One important thing to note is that you don’t fool yourself with your own visits. To avoid this you can install a plug-in that disables the Google Analytics script in your browser.

Feature 2: Traffic Sources – Sources – All Traffic

To know the location of your visitors is one thing. If you do some search optimization and social media marketing, it’s good to know how effective and successful you efforts are. If you mainly get direct visits, I mean users typing in your URL, then it’s time to get some internet marketing consulting.

Feature 3: Traffic Sources – Search Engine Optimization – Queries

That’s my real passion. Here you will see the keywords being used to land on your site. The main goal is that users come with relevant keywords to your website. In other words, if you are an online travel agency specialized in Cambodia, you want users interested in Cambodia arriving and staying on your site. For this feature your Google Analytics account needs to be connected with your Webmaster Tools account.